3 of the most common types of scaffolding accidents at work

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Construction Accidents

Scaffolding is crucial for the safety of workers at many modern construction sites. Scaffolding provides a broad and relatively stable workspace when someone must perform their work at an elevation. It can provide space for tools and materials in addition to easier access for workers. Scaffolding is semi-permanent, meaning it may remain erected for the duration of a project in some cases. Scaffolding can also serve as a layer of protection for those at the ground level.

While scaffolding is beneficial and often necessary, it has an association with serious construction site incidents. The following are some of the most common concerns that construction workers face in this regard.

Falls from significant heights

Scaffolding does provide protective railings and ample space on which workers can perform job functions. However, scaffolding may sometimes give workers a false sense of confidence so that they do not use appropriate safety gear. They could also end up hurt if they misjudge the strength or height of a railing. Workers using scaffolding to access significant elevations sometimes fall and can end up severely hurt as a result.

Scaffolding collapses

Numerous factors could lead to scaffolding suddenly collapsing. Sometimes, the companies that installed the scaffolding did so improperly. Other times, the materials for the scaffolding may be old enough to fail suddenly while in use. Overloading the scaffolding with heavy equipment or too many workers at once could also potentially lead to a sudden catastrophic failure of the scaffolding falling tools and materials.

Items falling from scaffolding

Scaffolding provides more of a work surface than a ladder, but it is still crucial to secure items, as they could very easily fall off of the edge of the scaffolding. Despite safety practices requiring that workers secure materials and tools when working at an elevation, it is quite common for workers to fail to do so. Items that fall from scaffolding can cause serious injuries to anyone below who gets struck.

When something goes wrong with the scaffolding at a construction site, workers are at serious risk of injury. Pursuing workers’ compensation coverage is one option for those affected by unsafe work conditions at a construction site. Scaffolding can be as much of a risk for construction workers as it is a way to do their jobs more easily. Those affected by scaffolding incidents may have grounds upon which they can seek compensation.