Can Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors Benefit From Yoga?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Traumatic Brain Injury

An individual’s brain controls everything about them, from their personality to their fine motor function. The human brain is powerful in what it is capable of doing, but it is also very vulnerable in that it is easy to injure.

The swelling and bruising that occurs after a car crash can lead to severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that can affect someone’s personality and/or health. Many of the interventions for brain injuries are only viable right after the injury occurs. Surgery can help alleviate pressure and prevent worsening symptoms. Those with TBIs frequently also require occupational therapy and other rehabilitation services.

Many people trying to adjust to life with a TBI will want to explore every therapeutic option available. Is yoga potentially helpful for someone with a brain injury?

Research shows yoga could be beneficial

Yoga offers a host of benefits depending on an individual’s condition and the type of yoga they practice. The gentle movements in focus on knowing and accepting one’s limits are excellent for those recovering from a traumatic injury. Research has actually shown that yoga can improve the mental health of those struggling with a recent brain injury.

A study looking at how people with TBIs responded to yoga found that everyone continued participating in the study instead of dropping out, which is somewhat unusual. Almost everyone who participated reported positive experiences, and a significant percentage reported a reduction in mental health concerns. Participants reported a 42.7% reduction in depression, as well as a 14.29 improvement in sleep.

The gentle movements involved in yoga can help people relearn their bodies as they heal and can also be beneficial for the brain itself during the healing process.

Paying for therapy can be expensive

Physical therapy, rehab and yoga several times a week can add up to costs that total hundreds of dollars a month or more. Those who are trying to improve their lives after a brain injury caused by a car crash or a fall will likely need as much financial support as possible to ensure that they benefit from proper treatment. Pursuing a personal injury claim after suffering a traumatic brain injury could help someone better afford the treatments that will help them to manage and/or mitigate their symptoms and improve their quality of life.