What Are the Most Common Construction Accidents in New York?

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Unnerving Trend Shows Uptick in NYC Construction Accidents

New York City is almost always under construction. From giant cranes to sky-high scaffolding, construction sites are a familiar presence for resident New Yorkers. The construction industry can be dangerous for employees and anybody that has to walk near or drive near these job sites. New studies show a dangerous increase in the number of construction accidents throughout the state.

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Facts About Construction Accidents in New York

According to the New York City Health Department, New York City construction fatality rates are over 5x higher than all other industries in the city. The majority of construction workers were killed by falls, followed by individuals being crushed or struck by an object.

New York construction accident facts and statistics:

  • – Falls are the leading cause of accidents and fatalities in the construction industry;
  • – Over half (58%) of construction fatalities in NYC are caused by falls;
  • – Fatal falls occur from a number of areas, but most are from step-stools, scaffolds, ladders, and roofs;
  • – Noncompliance with training requirements was the most commonly cited OSHA violation, followed by fall protection; and
  • – Construction workers account for only 5% of NYC’s workforce but make up 27% of work-related injury fatalities.

The most recent data available from the New York City Department of Buildings indicate that there were 484 construction accidents in 2020, accounting for over 500 injuries and 8 fatalities.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents and Injuries

Construction accidents can have one or more causes. Regardless of the situation, if you are injured in a construction accident, it is essential to discuss your case with an attorney as soon as possible. You might be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Common causes of construction accidents and injuries:

  • Slip, trips or falls from step-stools, ladders, scaffolds, sidewalk sheds, ramps, or elevated platforms.
  • Excavation injuries.
  • Material failure, such as platforms that are old, shaky, unlevel, unguarded, unstable, or missing parts.
  • Exposure to harmful substances or environments.
  • Contact with objects and equipment that may be in the process of being hoisted, lowered, or being secured.

Unfortunately, many construction accidents and injuries are preventable caused by insufficient training, inadequate safety measures, and carelessness. All construction accidents should be independently investigated to determine who could be held liable for your damages.

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