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Kenia Gravagna

Kenia Gravagna


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Languages: English, Spanish

Kenia has been a devoted and top tier paralegal since the mid 1990s. She maintains a particular focus in the area of construction accident cases, working closely with Sean, who readily embraces her legal expertise, as well as organizational skills. She knows more about the New York State Labor Laws, including ladder and scaffold accidents, than most New York construction accident attorneys.

To Kenia, the cases she handles are not just the files for which she is responsible. Rather, each case represents an individual who woke up that morning not planning for catastrophe, but who unfortunately found themselves leaving the construction site in an ambulance with life as they knew it dramatically altered by serious injury. Knowing this, Kenia always puts the clients and their families first, developing strong personal relationships. Kenia can work independently, as she knows what needs to get done, and is proactive in ensuring her cases move to completion quickly and efficiently.

Having spent much time at trial sitting side by side with the injured construction worker, Kenia also is well aware of how the work she does in the office translates into the courtroom. The bonds Kenia forms with her clients last long after the resolution of the case. She finds herself regularly catching up with these individuals, and their families, whose lives she helped transform through the legal process.

Kenia received a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the New York City College of Technology where she achieved the acclaimed status of a Dean’s List student. She lives on Long Island with her family and enjoys acting like a tourist visiting historical sites, exploring museums, and finding hidden playgrounds.